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Hear the blood-curdling tales from the Medieval Barber Surgeon as he regales you with stories of injury, ailment and terrifying treatments.


Either respelndent in the Surgeon's pavillion or in a make-shift surgery, he is surrounded by authentic tools of the trade and some grisly assistants in the form of blood-sucking leeches.


Discover the Four Humours, the horror of the Black Death, disturbing dentistry, how battles wounds were treated, how bones were set and how blood was let.


The History of Medicine workshop can be either Medieval or Tudor and is a perfect support for GCSE study.  The Tudor Surgeon encompasses all of the aspects of the Medieval Barber Surgeon with the addition of the developments in technology and treatment present in the early Renaissance.


Masters such as Pare, Vesalius and Harvey are all discussed and their methods and teachings are given life for students to gain a truely interactive and kineasthetic experience of the history and development of medicine through the ages.

History of Medicine

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