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The aim of all of our history packages is to bring a sense of fun and enjoyment to history that will hopefully inspire and motivate pupils to want to learn more about their heritage.


Our 'hands-on', kinaesthetic approach encourages both high and low achievers to engage in history in a variety of new and exciting ways, giving each of them the opportunity to attain success in learning.


By examining history in a variety of different ways; political, technological, economic, social, religious and cultural, our packages also touch on other aspects of the wider curriculum such as the sciences, geography, design, sociology and literacy, thereby allowing them to connect together and apply knowledge from other areas.


Workshops are designed to meet the individual needs of the class and session, however, each session is also geared towards supporting the Curriculum and Key Stage requirements are always in the forefront of all planning

Meeting the Key Stage Requirements

Romans and Celts Saxons/Vikings/Normans Medieval Realms History of Medicine Tudor Dancing Home Front and ARP Site Specific Workshops