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The Roman Invasion in AD43, forever changed not only the culture, but also the very landscape of Britain. It is an influence that can still be clearly read 2000 years later. By comparing and contrasting this ‘clash of cultures’ between the Roman Empire and the native Celtic tribes, we explore with the students, how the legacy of Roman rule influences their own lives, even now.


Students get the chance to see, at first hand, the equipment of a Roman Legionary soldier and also have the opportunity to get dressed up as an Auxilla infantryman, armed with chainmail, bronze helmet, shield and spear.


A range of interactive exercises allows various aspects of Roman rule to be explored; pupils can form the legendary Roman defensive 'tortoise', walk through how a Roman army deployed for battle or argue the case for their tribe to either join or fight off the Roman Empire.


Social change and development is also explored through concepts such as 'What have the Romans done for us?' discussing the advancements and luxuries the Roman legacy has given us.

Romans and Celts

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Photograph Courtesy of and Copyright to Daventry Express