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Site Specific Workshops are tailored to fully incorporate the venue, for example, they may include tours, activities or educational talks relating to areas within or the specific history of a property, allowing for a more contextual learning experience.


These are usually conducted at English Heritage Properties, such as Bolsover and Kenilworth Castles, and are designed to enhance your visit to the site, but historical tours can take place at a variety of venues


(Cost of ticket/entry price to non English Heritage venues would need to be accounted

for in booking fee)

Site Specific Workshops/Tours

Medieval Soldier at...

Mark can offer a Medieval Soldier workshop, specifically designed around the site and suitable for venues such as Bolsover, Kenilworth and Peveril. This workshop looks at the development of Castles, Castle life and defence using the site as a live example

Click to book or enquire www.medievalsoldier.co.uk

"Dear Mark, We LOVED our visit to Bolsover! Thank you for making us laugh such a lot. Very therapeutic. Although when we discussed the role and character of knights in castles, some bright spark pointed out that our knight was too much FUN to be a real knight!" 


Lucy Kitto - Greystones Primary

Mark is one of a specialist team interpretors who provide workshops for Cardiff and we highly recommend considering Cardiff for an educational visit. Of course, we are biased, but the beauty of this Welsh wonder is in its 2000 years of history, so whether it is Roman life, Tudor Dancing or the Home Front, Cardiff can provide an excellent educational experience.


To see what they have to offer, follow the link to their dedicated education site.

Cardiff Castle Education

Cardiff Castle