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Re: Viking/Saxon Day


"We were impressed with the amount of different resources you brought into the school and the opportunities the children has to handle artifacts and take part in a whole range of activities.

The children and staff agreed you were one of the best visitors they have had and they learned a tremendous amount. They particularly enjoyed the Viking battle at the end of the day. "


Tim Nelson: Headmaster, Staverton Primary School


"He has an ability to tailor his workshops to the needs of the individual groups, uses the correct level of language for the age group, provides very inclusive workshops, encouraging thinking skills and kinaesthetic learning and also works extremely well with children with a range of special needs.


His way with children means that they immediately relate to him and are totally captivated by what he does with them.”


Elizabeth Stephens: Education Officer, Cardiff Castle


Re: Medieval Realms


"Mark's knowledge for the medieval period is vast and the way in which he communicates this to pupils is impressive. He enthuses his audience about the period, quickly generating a positive atmosphere in which pupils feel comfortable to ask and answer questions and to partake in active sessions. "


Steve Farr: Head of History, King Edward VI Five Ways Grammar School

We've had some lovely feedback and some amazing student drawings

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